Algebra 2 (2018-19)

Note:  Remember to use Google Classroom and Khan Academy for links to online assignments.

Updates will be made on Google Classroom and on the in-class calendar whiteboard.  I will also attempt to update the HW Blog if things change.

THIS WEEK:   (updated 11/4/18)

We are starting Unit E... we'll do some Algebra 1 review and build on some previous concepts, then return to Unit E after Thanksgiving Break.  Only 9 school days (with a Junior field trip one of those 9) before our week break!  :)

Mon: 11/5   In class KA videos. Take Notes in your MNB.  HW#11: WS #1-2 and KA practice: Intro to Polynomials (4pts for each of the two parts of this assignment). Mark as DONE in Google Classroom.  Due on Friday 11/9.

Tue: 11/6  In class notes.  HW#12: KA practice (2 parts: Add polynomials (Intro) and Add/Sub Polynomials with 2 variables (Intro).  Due on Fri 11/9.

Wed: 11/7  Quiz on Mon & Tue topics.  In class activity/notes on Polynomial Multiplication.   No HW.

Thu: 11/8  KA on CBs.  HW#13: KA practice (4 parts: Multiply Binomials by Polynomials and Special Products). Due Tue 11/13.

Fri:  11/9  In class QUIZ #1  Learnstorm discussion after quiz.  Share what you've learned about your brain and Growth Mindset from the Learnstorm activities.  HW: Reflections are due on Tues 11/13/18 for all Learnstorm activities.  Rubric will be handed out.  HW#14:  Watch Polynomial Division Videos (be sure you're logged into your KA account and that you watch til the end to earn the points and so it records your progress.)  6th period:  Coding practice.

Posted two week calendar on Google Classroom (instead of HW Blog for Unit D, Oct 22nd - Nov 2nd).


Mon 10/15/18  Check Q1 Grade Reports, Sign & return IN CLASS.  HW#2 WS (Due WED 10/17)

Tue 10/16/18  Unit D Day 1 Notes (in class)  HW#3: pg. 157 #17-23odd, and pg. 164 #15-27odd, pg. 166 #42-49  DUE Mon 10/22/18

Wed 10/17/18  Unit D Day 2 Notes (in class)  HW#4:  pg. 172-173 #13-25odd, 45, and 46  DUE Mon 10/22/18

Thu:  PT Conferences (Mrs. Ragle will only be at the morning session... 8am-12noon).  Excited to see/meet many of you parents then!  :)

Fri:  Teacher in service / professional development day (students... homework day).  :) 

(updated Fri 10/5/18)

Mon 10/8/18:  3.5 HW Due.  In class:  pg. 143 (back side)   HW: Unit C Practice Test (Begin in class... Due tomorrow, Tues).  

Tues 10/9/18: Review/Correct Unit C Practice Test, Correct Unit C Quiz.  HW:  Notes and Unit C HW DUE THURSDAY... STUDY FOR UNIT C TEST!  Also, start on Unit B corrections... lunch tutoring if needing extra help.  Retake on Friday.

Wed 10/10/18:  NO CLASS - PSAT   Period 6:  In class Activity.  No new HW.  Study for Unit C Test (which is tomorrow).

Thu 10/11/18:   UNIT C TEST!!!  HW:  Correct your Unit B Test (Re-take will be on Friday).  STUDY for Unit B Re-Take.  There will be no Unit C Re-take, but you can earn back points for your corrections.  Come for lunch tutoring if needed.  Unit C corrections DUE MONDAY at 8 AM to FRONT OFFICE.

Fri 10/12/18:  UNIT B RETAKE.  Chromebook Learn Storm activity or Unit C Corrections for those not taking re-take.  HW:  Brain WS  (Due Mon... first assignment for Quarter 2).  Unit C Corrections... Alg2 only... DUE MON at 8am to front office.

  (updated Tues 10/2/18)

Mon 10/1/18 3.2 WS Notes/CW- Substitution (Day 1 of 2) HW:  3.2 WS (#7-12)  (DUE FRI 10/5/18)

Tue 10/2/18: QUIZ on GRAPHING (pushed back from Mon to Tue) 3.2 WS Notes/CW- Elimination (Day 2 of 2) HW:  3.2 WS (#1-10)  (DUE FRI 10/5/18)

Wed 10/3/18:  Intro to 3.5 Notes/CW  HW: None

Thur 10/4/18: 3.5 Notes/Activity (harder examples & word problems)  HW:  3 variable systems Color WS (Due Mon... extended to Thu Test day).

Fri 10/5/18:  In class review/partner quiz/Quizizz or Kahoot with Chromebooks  HW:  3.5 WS p.145... graded out of 8 points)

Mon 9/24/18 Present Math Autobiographies in class.  NO HW.

Tue 9/25/18:   3.1 Notes WS (pg. 120): Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing (cut & paste into MNB next week)  HW:  Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing (3.1) (pg 121-122) (Due on Mon 10/1/18)

Wed 9/26/18:  3.3 Intro (start 3.3 HW WS together in class)  HW:  Solving Systems of Inequalities by Graphing (3.3) WS (pg 133-134) (Due on Mon 10/1/18)

Thur 9/27 & Fri 9/28:  NO SCHOOL, Teacher In Service Days.*  

* This would be a great time for students to do a little SAT practice on Khan Academy in order to prepare for the PSAT (or SAT) that will be coming up in October.


Mon 10/1/18:  3.1 & 3.3 WS's DUE at start of class.  Quiz on graphing linear equations and linear inequalities.

Tue 10/2/18:  3.2 Notes HW: TBD

Wed 10/3/18:  

WEEKS FOUR, FIVE, and SIX:     Last updated Mon 9/3/18 at 4:45pm

Google Doc_ Unit B Plan & HW Log     

View the above Google doc or paper copy of HW log (provided in class by Mrs. Ragle on Tue 9/4) for a detailed plan for Unit B including links to Khan Academy videos and homework assignments.  Always, also check Google classroom and whiteboard in class for any changes.

UNIT A TEST CORRECTIONS... Due on Tues Sept 11th.  Re-take in class on Fri Sept 14th.

Unit B... TEST on Wed 9/19/18

Thu:  9/20  Intro to Math Autobiography (project that will be due on Mon Oct 1st)

Fri:  9/21  Work on Math Autobiography on Chromebooks in class.

WEEKS TWO & THREE:    Last updated Tue 8/21/18 at 2:51pm


1 pt - Math Subject (Geometry or Algebra 2)

1 pt - Your Name (large & legible)

2 pts - 2+ colors used

2 pts - Current Strengths (minimum of 3)

2 pts - Future Strengths (minimum of 3)

Algebra 2 Unit A 

Math Notes Journal should include notes from class lecture as well as 

most in-class activities and is DUE the day you take your Unit Test.

In Class


Topic Name

Suggested if absent or needing review



Algebra 1 Overview

Algebra Foundations

All five videos on KA under “Algebra foundations: Overview and history of algebra” from “Origins of algebra” through “Why all the letters in algebra?”

Mon & Tue 

8/20 - 8/21

Algebra 1 Review

Order of Operations Review

WS: Order of Operations Color by Number



Algebra 1 Review

Algebraic Expressions and Solving Equations

WS: Algebraic Expression Match



Algebra 1 Review

Algebra 1 Foundations Review

KA Algebra 1 Foundations (videos and/or practice problems under 



Algebra 1 Review

Types of Numbers (Family Names)

- In class notes/ activity

- KA videos under 8th Grade: Numbers & Operations: Classifying Numbers



Linear Equations ReviewLinear Equations Cut & Paste ActivityIn class activity (Finish in class Monday).



Unit A


Review or Practice Test in class

Finish / Review Friday’s quiz or activity.



Unit A



In class TEST.  Will be returned after Labor Day weekend.  Have fun at camp!  

  • This is the PLAN, but... “blessed are the flexible, for they shall not break.”  ;-)

Algebra 2 A HW Log 

Khan Academy Quizzes and HW are due by Sun at 10pm weekly, or due the day before the Unit Test (also by 10pm).  Plan ahead.  Do not procrastinate.  Just don’t. :)

Assigned on...


Assignment Name

Suggested KA HW practice problems (if quiz score below 70%)

Final Score

8/17 and 8/20


Technology Survey



HW Blog has Rubric

Cover Page for Math Notes Journal

Check the HW Blog on VCS website for grading rubric… DUE Fri 8/24/18


KA (started in class together)

Algebra Foundations


- see topics listed before Quiz 1 in KA

8/22 - 8/24


Algebra Foundations


- see topics listed before Quiz 2 in KA

8/22 - 8/24


Algebra Foundations


- see topics listed before Quiz 3 in KA

8/22 - 8/24


KA Algebra 1 Foundations 

Unit Test

KA allows three attempts I believe.  Retake until satisfied, but be careful when inputting responses, no typos.



Classify Numbers

Finish in-class activity/WS

KA 8th Grade: Numbers and Operations: Practice: Classifying Numbers


WS or GC

Unit A 

Practice Test

Practice Test and Notes Journal will be due tomorrow, day of test.




Math Notes are worth 2 points per day.

8/20 - 8/27





Thu Aug 16th:  In class - READ STUDENT HANDOUT & DISCUSS POLICIES and also cover Mrs. Ragle's Syllabus and Classroom Expectations. QUIZ FRIDAY.

Fri Aug 17th:  In class - FINISH READING STUDENT HANDBOOK sections.  SYLLABUS QUIZ/Scavenger Hunt.  * ADD to Google Classroom, Technology Survey (if time).

HOMEWORK FOR FIRST WEEK:       last updated Wed, Aug 21st

* ADD TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM  (Please complete ASAP, by Tues Aug 21st at the latest.)  Codes will be provided on syllabus.

*  TECHNOLOGY SURVEY  (Please complete ASAP, by Tues at the latest.)

* CVI SURVEY RESULTS (Some of you took this last year... you may take it again with a new e-mail address or at least print out your results from last year and submit by Tues, Aug 21st at the latest to be displayed proudly by Back 2 School Night).

Welcome back to school!  

Note:  This blog will be constantly changing and updated throughout the weeks.  Please be patient and e-mail Mrs. Ragle directly if you have questions, concerns or notice a typo or glaring error.  Let's practice patience and grace with one another.  :)

STUDENTS:  You will need to get your own MATH NOTEBOOK to take notes, do classwork, homework and quizzes in this year.  No spiral bindings this year... please find a COMPOSITION BOOK that you like best (can be college ruled, wide ruled, graph paper, black, blue, pink, purple, etc...) and can be 80 pages, 100 pages, whatever increment you find/prefer.

This notebook will be used EXCLUSIVELY for your MATH CLASS, so do not plan on tearing out the pages.  You will be creating your own unique COVER SHEET for the front inside page the first days of school... Due by Friday, August 24th at the start of class.

VCS will provide students will a class set of rulers, scissors and glue sticks but these may be items that students might need to have access to at home this year to either finish incomplete classwork or homework at home.  Similarly, I will provide some colored pencils for students to have access to during class, but students may benefit from having their own form of coloring tools (suggest colored pencils since markers, sharpies, and highlighter options generally bleed through notebook pages).