Google Classroom & Khan Academy (DUE ASAP... first week HW)

Google Classroom codes were be provided on your syllabus.

Also, you will need to ADD to my KHAN ACADEMY class also. You should get an e-mail once you're in the correct Google Classroom.  We will also troubleshoot this together in class.

If you are having trouble adding Mrs. Ragle's Google Classroom... try logging onto your school e-mail ( in Gmail and THEN add correct code for your given class period.

If the code to add STILL doesn't work... please send an e-mail to (FROM your SCHOOL e-mail account) and ask to be added to the class.  I will send you an e-mail with an invitation to be added to the class and you will need to then ACCEPT.

Google Classroom will be where class notes, homework worksheets, outside resources, projects, etc will be posted.  I won't use it daily, but it will be the best resource for when/if you miss class and are absent for sports, health or other reasons. 

My desire is to help all of my students understand math.  I can only help those who show up.  I will do my best to help you catch up after returning from an absence, but the more you can do to prepare the easier that catch up process will be for both of us.  :)