Dear Parents,

Have you ever said or heard one of these phrases...

“I’m just not good at math.”

“I’m not a math person.”

“I wasn’t born with the math gene.”

I just read an article that said the following...

Unfortunately, these phrases are all too familiar. Kids go through school and life being bombarded with messages that some people are good at math and some people aren’t.

For some of us, math just “clicks.” But what if it doesn’t “click” for you right away? Well, you might as well give up. You’re just not a math person.

The problem with these messages, whether stated or implied, is that they’re FALSE!

The more researchers study and adjust how math it’s taught, the more evidence shows a link between a growth mindset and math success.

Research shows that kids who have a GROWTH MINDSET about their math abilities perform better on standardized tests and are more engaged.

So how can YOU help your kids develop a growth mindset in math? 

First, go here for tips and strategies: 

5 Powerful Ways to Help Kids Develop a Growth Mindset in Mathematics

We will discuss this further at Back 2 School Night on Thursday August 23rd.  I hope you can make it.  I am so excited for the new school year and so excited to meet YOU, and to teach your student!  :)

In His Service,

Mrs. Rebecca Ragle