College Bound

Freshmen Visits
 In the spring before scheduling, the Guidance Counselor visits each ninth grade English class and goes over the Futures pamphlet put out by the California Education Round Table.It is used as a tool to get the students to think about their future and how the proper choices of classes will affect it.

Sophomore Office Visits
 In the winter the students visit the counseling office in small groups.Materials are shown that may help them decide on the best college choice for them.Besides the office tour, they are encouraged to do their best as GPA and class rankings are explained.

Junior Chats
 In March the juniors sign up for a chat with the Guidance Counselor to discuss college plans, testing, graduation credits, and senior classes.

Senior Chats
 In the fall the seniors sign up for a chat with the Guidance Counselor to review graduation credits and discuss college plans.

 College Bound Nights

 Two nights a year (seniors in September and juniors in March) students and their parents gather for a power-point presentation on preparing for college.The junior night emphasizes college choice and testing.The senior night focuses on financial aid and the completion of the FAFSA.In each session a binder of materials is presented to each family.