Distance Learning Update #2

Dear parents of 7th-12th graders-

Thank you for your patience, support and prayers during this transition to distance learning.  

Yesterday was our initial run-through of teacher/ student contact for each class by way of Google Classroom. 

From here on out, students will take their cues from each teacher individually regarding how often they are to check-in, how often assignments will be due, etc.  

You will be receiving an email from each of your child’s teachers this week with their expectations and an overview of what your child can expect. Here’s how you can help your child succeed in this distance learning format:

  • Students need to respond to the teacher’s direction via Google Classroom.   These directions are not just suggestions. They are part of the course. Please make sure they are understanding and responding. 
  • Because this format is new, I advise parents to monitor your child to make sure they are doing what they have been assigned, and that they ask their teachers for help when they don’t understand how to turn in an assignment etc.  We want to ensure they get off to a strong start so they don’t get behind academically. 

Again, I want to thank the tireless teachers for their can-do attitude and each family for your support and patience as we move forward together.  The office is available to take your calls and emails until 3 pm daily.

I will continue to update you as needed. 

Peace be with you and your families,

In His Service,

John R. HuffmanSuperintendent/ Principal