2016-2017 Dress Code

This is the time of year when many families take advantage of the “Back-to-School” sales to buy clothes for the new school year. In order to help our families as they shop for school clothes, we would like to remind you of our dress code.

All Students

  1. All articles of clothing shall not have any writing, pictures, or graphics. One postage stamp size logo or embroidery will be allowed. The only exceptions are as follows: 
    • VCS shirts/sweatshirts authorized and purchased through the school. 
    • Other sweatshirts may have the names of colleges or sport teams.
  2. Plain white T-shirts are not allowed.

  3. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times. Boys must wear socks if wearing sandals. No flip-flops (defined as rubber shower shoes and the like) are allowed.

  4. Shorts that are worn for school activities which permit the wearing of shorts are to have hems that are mid-thigh in length or longer. (Mid-thigh is defined as the point halfway between the top of the inseam and the top of the knee.)

  5. Body piercing, including ear piercing, is not allowed (with the exception that girls may have earrings only in the lower portion of the ear lobes). Students may be accepted who have had piercings prior to this rule clarification if they will henceforth support this rule. Students who have had piercings before (other than the above noted exception) shall not wear anything in these piercings at any time whether on or off campus. Also, boys shall not wear clip-on earrings or any other such styles.
    Any student who gets a piercing shall be subject to expulsion, and any student who wears anything in a pre-existing piercing shall be subject to suspension or expulsion.

  6. Tattoos and intentional “body-scarring” or other such styles are prohibited. Any infraction will result in expulsion unless removed.

  7. Hats are not to be worn inside the buildings.


General classroom attire may be skirts, dresses, or pants and must adhere to these guidelines: 

Skirts and dresses 

Must extend to the top of the knee or longer.
Must be no more than four inches above the knee.
Skorts (split skirts)
Are permitted if they meet the hemline rule for skirts and if they have the appearance of a skirt as you walk.
Dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, and pants 
Are not to be tightly formfitting.
Skirts and dresses 
Are not to have the appearance of lingerie.


No denim/jean type fabric. Lighter cotton or cotton/polyester blend is encouraged. Pajama bottoms or sweatpants are not acceptable.
Pants cannot be formfitting.  Specifically, no skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings. A pant with a straight leg or wider cut at the bottom would be a good choice as well as an “ankle” cut where it is looser at the top and then tapers at the ankle.
All solid colors, except white, are acceptable. Pants with prints or patterns may now be worn by our female students. Appropriate prints such as stripes, checks, flowers are acceptable. Inappropriate prints would be words, peace signs, etc.
Must be to the ankle. Capris or cropped pants are not acceptable.
No embellishments or “fancy” stitching anywhere on the pants (e.g., back of pants or down the pant leg).
Only plain belts are acceptable.
There can be no midriff or skin showing between the top and the pants.

Shirts and blouses are to be modest. White T-shirts, tank tops (straps less than 2 inches wide), low necklines, see-through tops, spaghetti straps, and bare midriffs are not acceptable. Combinations of prohibited garments are not acceptable.

A physical education uniform will be required of all girls. (Alternate dress will be determined by the P.E. instructor but will not include cut-offs, short shorts, shorts with slits on side or halter-tops.)

The High School Office has the dress code for special events (i.e. Homecoming, banquets, etc.).


  1. General classroom attire will be slacks or jeans which are neat and clean -- not worn, tattered, frayed, or patched. Pants are not to be baggy or sagging below the waist. Belts must be worn with pants made with belt loops. For activities allowing the wearing of shorts, belts must be worn with shorts made with belt loops.

  2. Shirts with collars are preferred. All shirts (except sweatshirts) must be tucked in. Shirts are to be buttoned to the top of the chest.

  3. A physical education uniform will be required of all boys. (Alternate dress will be determined by the P.E. instructor.)

  4. Shorts are not to be worn (except for special days or projects as designated by the Administration).

  5. Hair is to be neat and of moderate length. It is not to extend over the ears and must be styled to remain above the eyebrows, not touching the standard collar. Sideburns may not extend below the bottom of the ear. Boys must be clean-shaven; beards and mustaches are not permitted. No part of the scalp may be shaved. No extreme styles of hair will be permitted; no bleaching or coloring of hair is allowed. Hair may not have a two-tone appearance or have a “spiked” appearance.