Our Elementary program provides a rich educational experience taught by a godly and experienced staff of certificated professional teachers. We supplement our regular classroom activities with additional classes in Computers, Physical Education, Music, and an Art Docent Program.

 Our students score significantly above the national average in all grade levels. Our Mission at Victory Christian Schools is to "instill foundational Biblical truth, to inspire the formation of godly inner convictions, and to impart academic knowledge essential for building skills, so that our students are equipped to impact their world for Jesus Christ". We are thankful that God has used us for His purposes for over 43 years.

 Please feel free to call us at 916-488-6740 or e-mail our office at vcsoffcar@victorycs.org if you have any questions, would like to personally talk to the principal, Mrs. Jimison, or would like a tour.

Our campus is currently closed due to COVID-19. We have a distance learning site located HERE.



What do the kids say about VCS?  Some of our 6th graders said...

"I love this school because it is such a family-friendly place. Everyone here is like family."

"I like the events we are a part of such as Math Olympics and ACSI Art Contest. I enjoy all the review games in 6th grade. You have all the fun and are still learning. I like VCS because of all the loving kindness and giving hearts. (Colossians 1:9) They (teachers) are delighted to pray for you and teach you to grow stronger and stronger."

"I have gone to VCS since kindergarten and I have always enjoyed it. I loved going on all of the field trips and hanging out with friends. I am also glad that I get to go to a school that is unified and can speak freely about Christ. I was a blessing to be able to do that, and it helped me grow spiritually in Christ."

"I love VCS because being a new student is not always easy, but I had more than enough of my classmates guide me through it. I also enjoy the spiritual aspect of things. For instance, we talk about Christ not only in Bible, but in Language, History, and Math. My final reason is sports. Sports at Victory are the BEST! You have all the loving teammates on your side cheering you on and helping you improve."

Our 5th graders said...

"I love VCS because it taught me to believe that I can achieve."

"I like VCS because we have talented teachers, and they are wonderful."

Our 3rd graders said...

"We have fun games like the jog-a-thon where we run around our gym and we have math Olympics. Another thing is the handwriting contest where you can win."

"You get to learn about God and God is amazing. You also get to do plays about God and we get to do a lot of plays."

Our 2nd graders said...

"My favorite part about Victory is learning lots of new stuff."

"I love all the teachers and bus drivers are super kind."

Our 1st graders said...

"I like PE because we get to play games outside."

"I like our principal. She is fun and plans things like spirit week instead of just spirit day."

"I like the painting and crafts we do with our Art Docent."

"I like seeing the older kids in high school and that they help us in our classroom."

"I like getting a part in the Christmas concert."

"I like writing because we get to practice neat handwriting."