English 10

Week of February 26-March 2

Monday -  Vocabulary: pg. 74

                 Writing:  Work on Totalitarian Tactics in Animal Farm Essay

Tuesday -  Vocabulary:  pgs. 75-78.  Due Friday

                  Writing:  Finish essay.  Due tomorrow.

Wednesday -  Grammar:  Ch. 23/Case.  Do pgs. 125-126

Thursday -  Grammar:  23.1/Nominative & Objective Cases.  Do pgs. 127-128

Friday -  Grammar:  23.1/Possessive Case.  Do pgs. 129-130.

Week of February 12-16

Monday -  Vocabulary:  pgs. 70-71

                Literature:  Finish Animal Farm

Tuesday - Vocabulary:  pg. 72

               Writing:  Plan Animal Farm Essay - finish prewrite sheet

Wednesday -  Vocabulary:  pg. 73

                       Literature:  Animal Farm Projects work day

Thursday -  Vocabulary:  SPARKLE

                    Literature:  Watch Animal Farm

Friday -  Vocabulary:  QUIZ

              Literature:  Finish Animal Farm.  **PROJECTS DUE**