English 10

Week of January 21

Monday -  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday -  Writing:  Analyze President Obama's Inaugural Address.  Finish analysis of Patrick Henry's speech

Wednesday -  Writing:  Analyze MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech.  

Thursday -  Begin planning persuasive speech.  Submit topic choice.

Friday -  Work on drafting persuasive speech.  Written speeches must be printed or shared       with me by the beginning of 4th period on Monday. Oral presentations will begin on          Monday.

Week of January 14

Monday -  Vocabulary:  pgs58-59

                 Writing:  Review Parallelism

Tuesday -  Vocabulary:  pg. 60

                   Writing:  Parallel Structure TEST

Wednesday -  PSAT Results and Vocabulary pg. 61 (if there's time)

Thursday -  Vocabulary:  SPARKLE

                    Writing:  Persuasive Speech - Greek Origins, characteristics

Friday -  Vocabulary:  QUIZ

               Writing:  Persuasive Speech analysis