English 10

Week of November 13

Tuesday: Writing:  Begin Frankenstein essay.  Also, bring 75 cents and the address of the person to whom you are writing your Thanksgiving card.  Complete address must be written on binder paper  -  due tomorrow.

Wednesday -  Writing:  Paragraph Prompt.  Continue working on Frankenstein essay

Thursday -  Writing:  Work on Frankenstein essay.  Due tomorrow

Friday -  Writing:  Thanksgiving cards

Week of November 5

Monday - Vocabulary:  pgs. 36-37

                Literature:  Read Letters dated Aug. 26-Sept. 7 in Frankenstein

Tuesday -  Vocabulary:  pg. 38

                  Literature:  Finish Frankenstein.  Complete Motivation Analysis sheet

Wednesday -  Vocabulary:   10 sentences

                       Literature:  Review Frankenstein

Thursday -  Vocabulary:  SPARKLE

                   Literature:  Review Frankenstein

Friday -  Vocabulary:  QUIZ

              Literature:  Frankenstein TEST