English 10

Week of May 14-18         **Please return the home copy of your grammar books and your LM novels.**

Monday -  Finish Les Miserables and take Jean Valjean quiz

Tuesday - Projects due

Wednesday - Friday - Review for final

**The English 10 final is Tuesday, May 22, at 10:15-11:45.**

Week of May 7-11

Monday -  Vocabulary:  pgs. 96-97

                 Literature:  Continue reading LM

Tuesday -  Vocabulary:  pg. 98

                  Literature:  Continue LM

Wednesday -  Vocabulary:  pg. 99

                      Literature:  Continue LM

Thursday -  Vocabulary:  Your final round of Sparkle  :(

                    Literature:  Continue LM

Friday -  Vocabulary:  QUIZ

              Literature:  Continue LM

**Les Miserables projects due on Tuesday, May 15**