English 10

Week of September 24th

Monday - Writing:  Paragraph Prompt 

                Grammar:  Subordinate Conjunctions and Complex Sentences.  Do pgs.91-92

Tuesday -  Grammar:  Continue yesterday's lesson.  Do pgs. 81-82

Wednesday -  Writing:  Essay revisions

                  Grammar:  QUIZ on Subordinate Conjunctions, Compound and Complex Sentences

Thursday - Friday:  NO SCHOOL

Week of September 17th

Monday -  Vocabulary:  pgs. 14-15

                Literature:  Discuss John Ruskin and Walt Whitman.  Read "The Fly" and "A Noiseless, Patient Spider".  Do pg. 16 #1-4.  

Tuesday - Vocabulary:  p. 16

                 Literature:  Read "The Spider and the Wasp". Do pg. 23 #1-4

Wednesday - Vocabulary:  SPARKLE

                      Literature:  Review Imaginative Comparison Unit

Thursday -  Vocabulary:  Use each of your vocabulary words in a sentence whose context                     clearly shows the meaning of each word.

                    Literature:  Imaginative Comparisons Test

Friday - Vocabulary:  QUIZ

             Writing:  Essay Revisions