English 8

Week of October 22

Monday -  Writing:  VFW essay rough draft due TODAY!!

                 Vocabulary:  pgs. 28-29

                  Literature:  Intro. The Pearl.  Work on The Pearl prewrite.

Tuesday -  Vocabulary:  pg. 30

                  Literature:  read John Steinbeck bio and answer questions

Wednesday -  Vocabulary:  pg. 31

                        Literature:  Read/discuss Ch. 1 in The Pearl.  Answer questions

Thursday - Writing:  Revise VFW essays.  A printed final draft is due Monday.  Remember                                    to delete your name on your final draft.

                   Vocabulary:  SPARKLE

                   Literature:  Read/discuss Ch. 2 in The Pearl.  Finish questions

Friday -  Vocabulary:  QUIZ

               Literature:  Read/discuss Ch. 3 in The Pearl.  Finish questions.


Week of October 15

Monday -  Writing:  **Final drafts of A Most Important Person Essay due today**  We'll begin prewriting our VFW essays.  Completed contest forms due back to me on Wednesday.

Tuesday - Writing:  Work on VFW essay

Wednesday -  Writing:  Work on VFW essay. I must have a printed copy of your rough draft on Monday, October 22.