English 8

Week of February 26-March 2

Monday -  Vocabulary:  pg. 74

                 Writing:  Final draft of Love Essay due tomorrow

                 Grammar:  21.1/Functions of sentences.  Do pgs. 97-98

Tuesday -  Vocabulary:  pgs. 75-78.  Due Friday

                  Grammar:  21.2/Combining sentences.  Do pgs. 99-100

Wednesday -  Grammar:  21.3/Simplifying long sentences.  Do pgs. 101-104

Thursday -  Grammar:  Review.  Do text pg. 468 ex. 2-4

Friday -  Grammar:  Review.  Do text p. 475 ex. 13 and p. 479 ex. 23-24

Week of February 12-16

Monday -  Vocabulary:  pgs. 70-71

                 Literature:  Finish watching ACC

Tuesday:  Vocabulary:  pg. 72

                Writing:  Prewrite for Love Essay

 Wednesday-  Vocabulary:  pg. 73

                       Writing:  Work on Love Essay

Thursday- Vocabulary:  SPARKLE

                  Writing:  Work on Love Essay - Rough draft due tomorrow

Friday -  Vocabulary:  QUIZ

             Literature:  Bring a child's picture book (preferably one that you enjoyed as a kid!) for sharing and literature analysis.