English 7 January 26-February 15

We will be reading "The Hiding Place" this quarter. Projects will be assigned as we progress in reading. Projects will be due March 9.

Each student will be given a reading schedule and needs to keep up. Quizzes will be given on the reading.

Jan 26: Vocabulit pages 70-71, read and define words, Grammar text pages 336-337, adjectives

Assign: Grammar page 347 Exercise 9. Write the sentences double spaced. Underline the adjectives (they are already underlined in the book) an draw arrow to the noun or pronoun they modify.

Jan 29: Vocabulit page 72. Grammar text pages 338-339 Articles as adjectives. Orally go over exercise 2 on page 339.

Assign: Grammar page 347 Exercise 10. Rewrite the sentences double spaced. Fill in the space which is in parentheses and underlined with the appropriate article. UNDERLINE  it.

Jan 30: Vocabulit page 73. Grammar text pages 340-342 Nouns as adjectives, Proper and compound adjectives. Do exercises 3, 4, and 5 orally.

Assign: Text page 347 Exercises 11 & 12. Make two columns for each exercise. In one column you will write the adjective or adjectives. In the other column, you will write the word or words it modifies.

Jan 31: Nouns and pronouns as adjectives and possessives. Grammar text pages 343-344.Exercise 6 orally in class.

Feb 1: Review Vocabulit. Grammar-Demonstrative and Interrogative adjectives pages 345-346 in text. Do exercises 7-8 orally in class. 

Assign: Worksheet/ Vocabulit quiz TOMORROW.

Feb 2: Vocabulit quiz 15. Read from The Hiding Place.

Feb 5: Review adjectives and do worksheets. Vocabulit pages 80-81

Assign: Adjective worksheets

Feb 6: Adjective review. Do Vocabulit page 82 for tomorrow.

Feb 7: Adjective Test Vocabulit page 83. Begin adverbs pages 348-349 in Grammar text.

Feb 8:Literature-Generosity Unit discuss generosity and read "Stopover in Queretaro" pages 172-177 and discuss. Do Vocabulit page 83.

Assign: Vocabulit quiz tomorrow. Do literature book page 178 Questions 1, 2, and 4 in complete sentences.

Feb 9: Vocabulit quiz. Discuss homework. Read "Martin and Abraham Lincoln" pages 179-185 and discuss. 

Assign: Page 186 Questions 2, 3, 5, 6 in complete sentences.

Feb 12: Vocabulit page 74. Write the story on page 75 as a class using the imagery required. Read "The Buffalo Dance" pages 187-197 and discuss.

Feb 13-14: Vocabulit pages 76-77. Finish reading "The Buffalo Dance" and discuss.

Assign: Page 198 Questions 1, 4, 5, 6 in complete sentences.

Feb 15: Vocabulit pages 78-79. Read "A Grain as Big as a Hen's Egg" pages 199-202 and discuss. 

Feb 16: Party day!