English 9

Week of February 25

Monday -  Word Dissection:  Begin Unit 14.  Make cards

                 Writing:  Pre-write for Expectations Essay

Tuesday -  Literature:  O Pioneers! TEST

Wednesday -  Writing:  Work on Expectations Essay

Thursday -  Writing:  Work on Expectations Essay.  Due tomorrow.

Friday - Word Dissection:  QUIZ  and create picture

Week of February 11

Monday -  Literature:  Read/discuss Ch. 3 and 4 of Part 4 in OP! Continue working on packet

Tuesday -  Literature:  Part 2 vocabulary quiz.  Read/discuss Ch. 4 and 5 in OP!

Wednesday - Literature:  Ch. 6-8 of Part 4 in OP!

Thursday -  Literature:  Finish O Pioneers!

Friday -  Free Period!  

**Part 4 packets are due when you return from break.  Also, you will have an open notes test on the novel on Monday, 2/25.