English 9

Week of April 22

Monday -  Literature:  Work on C.S. Lewis bio assignment - due Thursday.  Intro The Screwtape Letters.  Read preface.  Preface - Letter 4 packet due Friday if there is class, otherwise Monday.

Tuesday -  Literature:  Read/discuss Letters 1 and 2 in TSL

Wednesday - Caring for the Community Day

Thursday - Literature:  Read/discuss Letters 3-4 in TSL

Friday -  

Week of April 8

Monday -  Literature:  Finish Ch. 12 and Read Ch. 13 in THP. 

Tuesday -  Literature:  Read/discuss Ch. 14 in THP

Wednesday -      Writing:  Paragraph Prompt

                            Literature:  Finish The Hiding Place

Thursday -  Project Workday

Friday -  Literature:  All three components of The Hiding Place Project are due:  story box, character analysis and reading journal.