English 9

Week of May 20

**Bring back home copy of grammar book by Thursday**

Monday -  Work period for letter (test).  Due tomorrow.  No late papers will be accepted.

Tuesday - Thursday -  Work on review packet

Friday -  study for final

The English 9 final will be given on Thursday, 5/30, at 10:15-11:45

Week of May 13

Monday -  Word Dissection:  Make cards for Unit19

                 Literature:  Work on assigned letter from TSL to present

Tuesday -  Literature:  Presentation of Letters 25-26 

Wednesday -  Literature:  Presentation of Letters 27-28

Thursday -  Literature:  Presentation of Letter 29.  Read/discuss Letter 30

Friday -  Word Dissection:  QUIZ

               Literature:  Finish The Screwtape Letters.  We'll discuss your culminating assignment that is worth a test grade.  You'll have Monday's class period to work on it.  Letter is due Tuesday, 5/21.