Geometry 2019-20

Note:  Remember to use Google Classroom and Khan Academy for links to online assignments.

Updates will be made on Google Classroom and on the in-class calendar whiteboard.  I will also attempt to update the HW Blog if things change.

Welcome back to school!  

Note:  This blog will be constantly changing and updated throughout the weeks.  Please be patient and e-mail Mrs. Ragle directly if you have questions, concerns or notice a typo or glaring error.  Let's practice patience and grace with one another.  :)

STUDENTS:  You will need to get your own MATH NOTEBOOK to take notes, do classwork, homework and quizzes in this year.  No spiral bindings this year... please find a COMPOSITION BOOK that you like best (can be college ruled, wide ruled, graph paper, black, blue, pink, purple, etc...) and can be 80 pages, 100 pages, whatever increment you find/prefer.

This notebook will be used EXCLUSIVELY for your MATH CLASS, so do not plan on tearing out the pages.  You will be creating your own unique COVER SHEET for the front inside page the first days of school... Due by Friday, August 24th at the start of class.

I will provide students will a class set of compasses, rulers, scissors and glue sticks but these may be items that students might need to have access to at home this year to either finish incomplete classwork or homework at home.  Similarly, I will provide some colored pencils for students to have access to during class, but students may benefit from having their own form of coloring tools (suggest colored pencils since markers, sharpies, and highlighter options generally bleed through notebook pages).


Thu Aug 15th:  In class - READ STUDENT HANDOUT & DISCUSS POLICIES and also start to cover Mrs. Ragle's Syllabus and Classroom Expectations. QUIZ FRIDAY.

Fri Aug 16th:  In class - FINISH READING STUDENT HANDBOOK sections.  SYLLABUS QUIZ/Scavenger Hunt.  * ADD to Google Classroom, Technology Survey (if time).


* ADD TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM  (Please complete ASAP, by Tues Aug 20th at the latest.)  Codes will be provided on syllabus.

*  TECHNOLOGY SURVEY  (Please complete ASAP, by Tues at the latest.)


* ADD Mrs. Ragle as COACH on Khan Academy