Geometry Classes (Per 6 & 7)

May 7th - 11th:  POWERSCHOOL Progress /Grade Report will be printed and given to students this week (by Fri) and must be signed by parent(s) and returned for a 5 pt HW grade by Wed, May 16th.  

Mon May 7th:  

- Ch 10 Tests passed back, corrections due next Mon May 14th, re-takes to be completed by Wed May 16th. (no note card on re-take)  

- In Class:  Properties of Quadrilaterals Bulletin Board Activity / Review  and Turn in Ch8 Packet (that was assigned 1 page at a time starting on Mon, Apr 23rd.  

- HW:  Check PowerSchool and HW Blog and get organized... catch up on missing work.  Also, work on Geometry in Real Life Collage (due by or before THIS Friday by the start of class... students may work alone or with ONE partner).

Tue May 8th:  (short classes, modified chapel schedule)

- In class:  Ch 8 Practice Test   INSTEAD:  For extra practice (in place of Practice Test, no longer assigned) VIEW/STUDY/PRACTICE from Extra Practice pages in back of textbook pgs. 769-770... 8.2 #7-16, 8.3 #4-6, 8.4 #1-18, and 8.5 #1-8.

HW:  Finish Ch 8 Practice Test and/or get organized and finish any and all missing homework and notes for Ch 8.  (Yes, the PPT notes were printed and given to each student in the Ch 8 Packet on Apr 23rd and will be graded as a Quiz grade (like every chapter).  Student (as always) is responsible to fill-in the notes that they miss if/when absent.  

Wed May 9th:  (short classes, modified chapel schedule)

- In class:  Ch 8 Review, correct Practice Test together.  Last day to ask for help, ask questions... check in on grade and/or work on Geometry in Real Life Collage.

- HW: NONE (it's Wed)  :)  (but... STUDYING might be wise... and/or keep in mind... your Collage is Due by FRIDAY)

Thu May 10th:  

- In Class:  Ch 8 Quadrilaterals TEST (last test of the quarter... semester... school year, except the Final).  Notes and any outstanding Ch 8 HW DUE TODAY!!! (If not already graded.)

HW:  Geometry in Real Life Collage due by TOMORROW...start of class.  Presentations tomorrow and Mrs. Ragle's birthday (you may bring treats to share).

Fri May 11th:  

- In Class:  Geometry in Real Life Collage due TODAY...start of class.  Presentations tomorrow and Mrs. Ragle's birthday (you may bring treats to share).

HW:  Collect old Geometry tests from Jan - May.  (1 quiz point extra credit for each you bring to class on Monday).   Begin Final Review Packet (good for extra credit on Final Exam and to help you study).  Get parent signature(s) on PowerSchool print-out... Due Wed 5/16/18.

"REVIEW WEEK" - May 14th - May 18th:

Mon May 14th:

- In Classs: Get Ch 10 Test Corrections checked off by Mrs. Ragle and sign-up/commit to re-take date and time, Standardized Test Practice Review (old HW WS's, passed back... go over questions), and/or begin Final Review Packet.

HW:  Ch 10 Test Re-take BY WED, May 16th at 4pm.  Final Review Packet.

Tue May 15th:

In Class:  DIAGNOSTIC TESTING (Algebra 2 Readiness or Precalculus Readiness).  Ch 8 Tests returned (at very end of class period), corrections due ASAP and re-takes done by Fri @ 4pm.

HW:  Ch 10 Test Re-take BY WED, May 16th at 4pm.  Final Review Packet.

Wed May 16th:  (35min classes, modified schedule)

In Class: Turn in parent signature(s) on PowerSchool print-out.  Standardized Test Prep WS's review.

HW:  Ch 10 Test Re-take BY TODAY at 4pm.  Final Review Packet.

Thu May 17th: 

In Class:  Get Ch 8 Test Corrections checked off by Mrs. Ragle and sign-up/commit to re-take date and time, Standardized Test Practice Review (old HW WS's, passed back... go over questions), and/or begin Final Review Packet. Last Day for Ch 8 re-takes is tomorrow, sign up by TODAY!

HW:  Ch 8 Test Re-take BY TOMORROW at 4pm.  Final Review Packet.

Fri May 18th: 

In Class: Final Review, final questions.  See you next on Wed or Thu for your Final Exam. :)

HW:  Ch 8 Test Re-take BY TODAY at 4pm.  Final Review Packet, bring to your final exam day along with 2 pencils, a calculator and a positive attitude.  :)

New this quarter: CLASS WILL BEGIN EACH DAY WITH A QUICK MATH WARM-UP... worth 5 points of classwork each day... for a total of typically 20points at the end of the week.  Checked or collected EVERY Friday.

NO WARM-UPS this week due to Tech Week.

Mon Apr 30th:  Classwork: Quad WS, Parallelograms & Quads  HW:  Classifying Quadrilaterals WS #1-18 all

Tue May 1st:  Classwork:  Quadrilateral Family Tree Activity  HW:  Work on Ch 8 Packet (all has now been assigned... it will be DUE on Monday, May 7th)

Wed May 2nd:  Classwork: TANGRAMS  :)  (NO HW)

Thu May 3rd:  Classwork:  Properties of Quadrilaterals Bulletin Board Activity  HW:  Ch 8 Open-Ended Assessment WS (DUE Wed May 9th)

Fri May 4th:  Classwork:  PRACTICE TEST on Quadrilaterals  (Test on Wed next week, May 9th)  HW:  Standardized Test Practice (Ch 1-8) WS (DUE Mon May 14th... in 10 days!)

GEOMETRY IN REAL LIFE COLLAGE.... worth 50 points... Individual or Partner Project DUE on Friday, May 11th... quick presentation in class required for full credit.  Due on or before May 11th, regardless of absences.  Plan ahead!

Ch 8 will be short... Day 1 8.2, Day 2 8.4-8.5 and Day 3 8.6.  Next week will be spent practicing these topics in class activities and/or another packet to complete independently for those who will be absent during class. 

Day 1

Mon 4/23

8.2 Notes (in class)

HW: 8.2 WS - Properties of Parallelograms #1-22 all

Day 2 

Tue 4/24

8.4-8.5 (in class)

HW: 8.4-8.5 WS - Rectangles, Rhombi & Squares #1-19 all

WED 4/25Community Service Day
(no class)
No Homework

Day 3

Thu 4/26

8.6 (in class)

HW: 8.6 WS - Trapezoid & Kite WS ODDS (show work)

FRI 4/27Minimum DayNo Periods 6 & 7 (so no Geometry class)

Day 4

Mon 4/30

Ch 8 Review - Part 1

Classifying Quadrilaterals WS #1-18 all

Mon Apr 16th:  10.7 Notes In Class  (See Google Classroom for PPT Notes)

10.7 HW: pg. 572-3 #9-19 odd, 23, and 27

Tue Apr 17th:  In Class Scavenger Hunt Group Activity

HW:  Ch 10 Practice Test WS (DUE TOMORROW... Wed, Apr 18th) & Make a Notecard

Wed Apr 18th:  In Class Practice Test WS Corrections & HW QUIZ on 10.5, 10.6 & 10.7

HW:  EXTRA CREDIT Ch 10 Review pg. 581 #11-25 odd, 29, 35, 37, 41-49 odd;  STUDY!!!

Thu Apr 19th:  Ch 10 TEST... Part 1

HW:  EXTRA CREDIT Ch 10 Review pg. 581 #11-25 odd, 29, 35, 37, 41-49 odd;  STUDY!!!

Fri Apr 20th:  Ch 10 TEST... Part 2

HW: Unit 2 Review WS... DUE Monday 23rd.

Mon Apr 9th:  In Class: No Warm-up... new seating chart. PPT Notes on 10.4, then HW Quiz on 10.1 & 10.2.

HW:  10.4 pg. 549-550 #9, 13-17odd, 48-50all

Tue Apr 10th: In Class: Warm-up then PPT Notes on 10.5

HW:  10.5  pg. 556-557 #8-20 all, 23 & 24.

Wed Apr 11th:  In Class: Warm-up then finish PPT Notes on 10.5 if needed, then HW QUIZ on 10.3-10.4, then HW ?s on 10.5 or in class activity or KAHOOT if time permits.


Thu Apr 12th:  In class Notes on 8.1 Intro to Angles of Polygons.

HW:  8.1 (yup, 8.1) pg. 407 #13-23 odd, 27-31 odd, 35, 37, 47 and 58-61all. No diagrams necessary, but show algebra work that leads to your answers.

Fri Apr 13th:  In class Notes on 10.6.

HW:  10.6 pg. 564-566 #3-31 odd, 47 (Bonus/challenge: 33-37 odd)

FOLLOWING WEEK PLAN:  MON: 10.7 Notes (final notes section), TUE: Groupwork Review Activity, WED: HW QUIZ 10.5-10.7 and THU:  CH 10 TEST!!!  FRI: Ch 8 notes

We're in the FINAL STRETCH... one week into the FINAL QUARTER!!!  That means just 8 more weeks til SUMMER. Buckle up and keep on learning!  It's not over yet.... we still have lots left to learn.  :)

Mon Apr 2:  NO SCHOOL!  HOORAY!  

Tues Apr 3:

In Class: 10.1 Notes CIRCLES 

HW:  10.1 pg. 526 #21-31all, 38-45all, 75-80all  Due FRI Apr 6th, HW Quiz Mon Apr 9

Wed Apr 4:

In Class:  10.2 Notes CIRCLES & Arcs  pg. 532 #1-12all (work in pairs)

HW:  NONE   (may need to finish classwork.  If so... DUE ON MON APR 9th)

Thu Apr 5:

In Class: 10.2 Notes (continued)

HW:  10.2 pg. 533 #15-43 EOO (every other odd), 71-76 all 

Due FRI Apr 6th, HW Quiz Mon Apr 9

FRI Apr 6:

In Class: 10.3 Notes (Arcs & Chords)  and questions on 10.1 and 10.2 HW (since HW Quiz is on Monday)  *Class voted to do 10.3 Notes in class on Thur and thus Fri was spent doing a partner activity/quiz that covered 10.1-10.4, thus counted as Classwork rather than a Quiz.  Previewed some topics to be learned in 10.4 next week.

HW:   10.3 WS (given out to students on Thu in class and available to students also on Google classroom if they need another copy)  

STUDY 10.1 & 10.2 for HW Quiz on Monday

Mon March 19:  

In Class: 9.1 Notes REFLECTIONS (in class, nowhere else... every student was present)

HW: Reflections WS Due FRI March 23rd

Tues March 20:

In Class: 9.2 Notes TRANSLATIONS (in class, nowhere else... every student was present)

HW:  Translations WS  Due FRI March 23rd

Wed March 21:

In Class:  TRIG TREK group activity & WS OR  Tessellations Art Project (determined CLASS VOTE in class on WED)

HW:  NONE   (may need to finish classwork.  If so... DUE ON TUE APR 3rd)

Thu March 22:

In Class: 9.3 Khan Academy ROTATIONS video (TAKE NOTES in class)

HW:  1) Khan Academy assignment:  Rotations Intro, Determine Rotations, Rotation Review, Reflections Practice and Translations Practice. Also, in textbook: 2) Pg. 512-514 #9-17odd Due FRI March 23rd

FRI March 23:

Large Quiz on mini-Ch 9  (Reflections, Translations and Rotations)

HW:   Tessellations Art Project (p. 489).... colorful and fills up 8.5 x 11 paper  and pg. 398 #1-13 all  BOTH assignments DUE TUE Apr 3rd

HAPPY EASTER!!!!  He is RISEN!!!  

UPDATE (posted 3/14/18, but discussed and written on board in class on Fri 3/9/18)

Mon: 3/12/18  SUBSTITUTE - In class Review, catch-up on HW, and begin Ch7 Practice Test in class, Finish for HW.  Also, make notecard with formulas for test on WED.

Tue: 3/13/18  CH 7  REVIEW IN CLASS.  Finish organizing all Ch 7 Notes and HW (DUE WED).  Test moved back to WED, March 14th.

Wed: 3/14/18  HAPPY PI DAY!!!  Ch 7 TEST DAY!  (Free Apple or Cherry pie after test).  (NO HW)

Thu:  3/15/18  (Depending on weather)  TRIG TREK... in-class activity using Trig.  HW:  Brainstorm and write down your TOP 3 CHOICES for "Math in Real Life" project.  Also, Watch videos on Google Classroom and complete QUIZ by Monday, March 19th.

Fri:  3/16/18   MINIMUM DAY!  Periods 1-4 only, no math class.

Ch 7 :  Feb 26th - Mar 9th  

Two weeks of HW updates... Feb 26th through March 9th

Mon 2/26



30 min on Khan Academy 

SAT Prep - Math or Geom topics

Tue 2/27


7.3 WS (show work)

Wed 2/28


In Class - Special Triangles

Classwork grade:

Thu 3/1


7.4 Trig WS

Fri 3/2


Pg. 373-375  #3-13 odd

Draw diagrams for each.

Mon  3/5

Trig Rev

SOH-CAH-TOA Trig Review WS

Tue  3/6



Pg. 380-382 #5-11 odd, 15-19 odd (Draw Triangles for all)

Wed 3/7

7.3 - 7.5

HW Quiz

Thur  3/8

7.6 (Day2)

Pg. 381-383   #31-39 odd

(Draw Triangles for all)

Fri  3/9


Pg. 387-388 #11, 13, 23, 29, 35

(Draw Triangles for all)

Log continued next week… Test on Tues March 13th.  Re-Take on Fri, March 16th.

Feb 12th - 16th:

Mon: 7.1 Notes in class.  HW 7.1 Pg. 346-347 #13, 17, 21-27 odd, 31 (DRAW triangles!)

Tue:  7.2 Notes in class  HW 7.2 Worksheet (do work on binder paper and attach)

Wed:  Pythagorean Theorem Activity in class (No HW)

Thu:  SAT, Khan Academy in class

Fri:  7.1-7.2 HW Quiz.  SAT, Khan Academy and/or Kahoot in class.

Ch 6 Plan & Homework:

Date Assigned






Parallel Lines & Transversals WS (Kuta)




Sierpinski Triangle (Activity on pg. 324 to stage 4)




Pg. 285-286 

#13-17 odd, 29-33odd




Pg. 293-294  

#11-19 odd, 35  




Pg. 302-303 

#11-21 odd



Intro & 6.1-6.2


Intro WS, 6.1 & 6.2




Pg. 312 - 313

#17-25 odd, 29, 33




Pg. 321  

#19-27 odd




Ch 6 Review pg. 333-335

#11-33 odd





6.3, 6.4, 6.5





Notes for Ch 6

Thus 2/8   In class Ch 5 Review and Corrections

Fri 2/9  In class Ch 5 RETAKE Exam (for students who earned below an 85%.  Free period for students who already earned above an 85%)

Jan 22 - 26:

Jan 22 (Mon):

"My Math Grades" - 3 paragraph assignment ... DUE TOMORROW!

HW Quiz 5.3-5.5 in class

Finish Ch 5 Review HW p.274-276 #1-17 odd, 21-27 odd (assigned Fri, Due Wed)

Jan 23 (Tues):        

"My Math Grades" - 3 paragraph assignment DUE!

Go over questions from either HW Quiz and/or study for Ch5 Test in class

Finish ALL Ch 5 homework & Ch 5 notes (if you missed class, get from a classmate and write by hand into your notes journal)

Finish Ch 5 Review HW p.274-276 #1-17 odd, 21-27 odd (assigned Fri, Due Wed)

ALL Ch 5 Homework AND Notes are DUE DAY OF THE TEST... Tomorrow!

Jan 24 (Wed):

Ch 5 TEST  (turn in Notes Journal and all Ch 5 Homework attached to HW Log)

Notes journal DUE day of Test

HW Log with ALL Homework attached (if missing an assignment, your HW Quiz grade will replace the HW grade... whichever grade is HIGHER will be kept

Jan 25 (Thu):

Standardized Test Prep WS (front page in class, finish back page on own)
    Khan Academy Tour (SAT prep, etc) & Parallel Lines & Transversals review
    HW: Parallel Lines and Transversals WS (Kuta)

Jan 26 (Fri):

QUIZ on MON on Angle Relationships with Parallel Lines & Transversals (in class)
6.1 Notes (in class)  Proportions Review
6.1 HW:  p. 285-286 #13-17 odd, 29-33 odd
Sierpinski Triangle Activity in class (pg.324)
HW: Draw out at least 2 stages of Example 2 from pg. 326 (Koch's Triangle)

Jan 16-19:

Jan 16 (Tues):

5.2 Notes in class        

5.2 HW: p.252 #17, 19, 23, 35, 47 and 53

Jan 17 (Wed):

5.3 & 5.4 Notes in class


Jan 18 (Thu):

5.3-5.4 HW: p. 266 (in quiz box) #1, 2, 7, 9 and 10

5.5 HW: p. 271 #11, 13, 17 and 19  *Draw diagrams and show your work!

Jan 19 (Fri):

HW Quiz 5.1-5.2 (in class)

Ch 5 Review HW:  p.274-276 #1-17 odd, 21-27 odd

Get HW 5.3 - 5.5 ready... HW Quiz on Monday!