Gospel of John

Now that reading journals have been turned in for chapters 7-9, students should begin working on chapters 10-12 (as soon as they get their journals back from Mr. Hansen).

There is no memory verse due the week of Nov. 13-16.

Reading Journals for John chapters 7-9 are Due Nov. 9th.

Memory Verse Due Mon. Nov. 5 - John 5:44 (Parents: Please test your students via the means stated below)  


Mr. Hansen

Memory Verse Due Mon. 10/22 - John 5:18  (Parents will test their students via the means stated below)  


Mr. Hansen

Some students have requested that I post the rubric for the Reading Journals on the homework blog... Here it is!

Name: John Doe


Text: John 10:22-42 (1 point per header line)

Theme: I and the Father are One

Personal Reflection

(min. 3 sentences)

 Jesus is explaining to the people that he and God the Father are one. He also the treatment of the sheep (God’s people) by the Father and Christ is the same because they are one. Because Jesus claimed to be one with God, they tried to kill him.


(min. 1 question)

 Why does Jesus correct the people by saying, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said you are gods?’” Is Jesus saying that all of us are in some way gods?

My Prayer

(min. 2 sentences)

Heavenly Father, I thank you for sending your one and only Son who was the perfect embodiment of you and was in fact you in the flesh. Please help me to never to be like the Jews who rejected you simply because they didn’t understand.

Note to Parents: I'm sorry that I haven't updated the blog in quite some time.  My two week absence threw me off a bit and I am still learning this whole communication aspect of my role.  I thank you very much for your patience!  Here is an update regarding your child's studies.

For the week of 10/01/18

Memory Verses - This week we began doing memory verses a different way.  They will now take their memory verse quizes at home.  They may attempt them as many times as you want.  I ask that you please grade the quiz by deducting one point for any word that they add or subtract from the actual verse.  They may use whatever translation that you are comfortable with, however, the school encourages the following: NASB, KJV & NKJV.  I personally tend to use the ESV the most.  Once you have checked their work, please sign the paper to indicate that a parent/guardian has ensured they didn't cheat or anything.

Memory Verse Due October 1st - John 1:14 

Memory Verse Due October 8th - None.  I am actually giving them a week off of memory verses.

Reading Journals - Most students have now turned in their reading journals to be graded.  They were due Sept 26th.  Those who have not turned them in will see a grade reduction. 

Grades - Some of you have looked on PowerSchool to check your student's grade.  To be honest, I didn't even know this was an option for parents, but I don't currently recommend it.  The grades in PowerSchool are accurate for individual assignments, but not for the overall grade.  I have to figure out how PowerSchool is doing the calculation and get it corrected.  Thank you for your patience in this.  If you have questions about your student's performance at school, please feel free to email me at khansen@victorycs.org. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences - I hope to meet and talk with you all on October 18 & 19!


For the week of 08/27/18

Monday - Friday Homework

Read: Canonization of the New Testament (Due Tuesday 09/04/18)

Complete: Canonization Questionnaire (28 questions) (Due Tuesday 09/04/18)

Study: We will take a quiz on the entire section we've been studying on the Doctrine of the Word of God.  The quiz will be Wednesday 09/05/18.

For the week of 08/20/18

Monday - Friday Homework

Memory Verse: John 20:30-31 (due Mon. 08/27/18)