Here is our 2018 JH/HS Summer Packet.  Please take some time to read through and print off any forms that you might need to fill out.  Also, please note any deadlines on returning those forms along with any fees to the JH/HS Office.

We hope this makes it easy for you to find out all about what is happening at Victory. 

             2018-2019 VCS Calendar                                                                      

             2018 Miscellaneous Information (COMING SOON)                                                    

             2018-2019 Dress Code                                                                                            

             2018 New Student Reception  

             Shuttle Bus Information

                           Shuttle Bus Information and Regular Schedule     

                           Shuttle Bus Minimum Day Schedule

             Sports Information (COMING SOON)

                           2018 Athletic Director Letter (COMING SOON)

                           2018-2019 Sports Program Commitment Form (COMING SOON)

                           2018-2019 Physical Participation Consent                                    

          2018 Camp Information (COMING SOON)

                          2018 Camp Registration   

                          2018 Camp Medicine Information and Release Form