English 7

Class Supplies:  blue/black ink pens or pencils; binder with college ruled binder paper; yellow, blue, pink highlighters

Week of August 20

Monday -  Vocabulary:  pgs. 2-3

                Grammar:  26.2/Commas.  Workbook pgs. 149-152

Tuesday -  Vocabulary:  pg. 4

                  Grammar:  26.2/Commas.  Workbook pgs. 153-155

Wednesday - Writing:  Paragraph Prompt

                     Vocabulary:  pg. 5

                    Grammar:  26.2/More Commas!  Workbook pgs. 157-158

Thursday - Vocabulary:  SPARKLE

                  Grammar: 26.3/Semicolons.  Workbook pgs. 159-160

Friday -  Vocabulary:  QUIZ

              Grammar:  26.3/Semicolons.  Workbook pgs. 161-162