16-17 Miscellaneous Information

Supply lists and other needed materials

Due to the individual requests of our teachers, it is not possible to develop in advance a supply list for our secondary students.  During the first week of school, the teachers will notify the students what supplies they will need.

  1. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase an assignment book for only $4.00 from the High School Office.
  2. Students need a King James Version, a New King James Version, or a New American Standard Version Bible for Bible class.  The High School Office has sturdy, hardcover Bibles for $9. Students are to bring their Bibles to Chapel unless it is announced as a music chapel.
  3. Students taking P.E. need to purchase a P.E. uniform from the school if they don’t already have one from last year.  T-shirts are $10 and shorts are also $10.  The uniforms are to be purchased in the High School Office.  The receipt is then given to the P.E. teacher who will give out the uniform.

Parent-Student Handbook

Students will be given an updated Parent-Student Handbook on the first day of school. Students will be held responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of our school. Parents are also strongly urged to read the Parent-Student Handbook in order to avoid possible misunderstandings of the rules and regulations of VCS later.

A limited number of handbooks are available for sale to parents for $2.  Students losing their handbook will be charged $2 for a replacement.

Sports Fees and other Athletic Information

All students trying out for a sport must have a signed Athletic Physical Participation Consent form, which includes a doctor’s signature, prior to trying out.  The forms are available in The Rack in the High School Office and are good for one year from the date of the doctor’s signature.

Sports Fees

Junior High:  The fee is $80 for each sport. No admission is charged for any Junior High home games. Junior High athletes are also not charged admission to any Junior Varsity or Varsity home games of the same sport.

Senior High:  The fee is $90 for all high school sports except baseball which is $110. Junior Varsity players will not have to pay admission to home Varsity games of the same sport.


In an effort to minimize backpack use, we try to order enough textbooks for each student to have a set of take-home textbooks that they will leave at home.  We also try to have a set of textbooks in their classrooms for class use only.  This will limit the amount your student needs to keep in their locker and carry around between classes.

We are greatly concerned with the amount of weight many students are carrying.  Heavy backpacks can lead to back stress and injury.  We urge you to follow these recommendations:

  1. If a large number of books must be carried home, please carry some of them in your arms.
  2. Use as few notebooks as necessary. 
  3. Always wear the backpack using both straps.  The best backpacks are those that also connect the two straps in the front.
  4. Backpacks with wheels may be used but must be carried when inside the building.