Spanish 1 March 21-April 24

Conjuguemos will continue this week. It is an on-line practice site and 10 minutes of practice per week are required. Lack of doing conjuguemos results in a zero and a work check.

March 21: Wordless Book Test You may take the written test or the oral test. The oral test automatically earns 5% extra credit, so it is possible to get 105% on this test.

Assign: Vocab list page 4B page 218-Due Friday, March 23.

March 22: NO CLASS

March 23: Introduce chapter 4B vocabulary and culture. Pages 196-199. Do Workbook pages 76-77.

March 26-April 2: EASTER BREAK

April 3: Review and practice vocab 4B. Read pages 200-201. Do oral exercises pages 202-205.

Assign: Workbook pages 78-79

April 4: Loan words and "ir + a + infinitive"- Vocab practice. Review time. In class do workbook page 81.

April 5: Stem change verbs and worksheet. Page 208 and worksheet. We will be including words not in the textbook. 

Assign: Workbook page 82 and worksheet

April 6: Reading and culture pages 210-217. Vocab practice.

Assign: Workbook page 83

April 9: Loteria and grammar review.

Assign: Text page 205 Actividad 12 and page 206 Actividad 14,

April 10: Vocabulary Quiz Review grammar..

Assign: Workbook page 84

April 11: Review for test

April 13: Chapter 4B Test

Assign: Vocab list 5A page 244

April 16: Intro Chapter 5A vocab (at the restaurant) and reading pages 220-225.

Assign: Workbook pages 85-86

April 17: The verb tener and possessives pages 228 & 232. Oral practice.
Assign: Workbook pages 89-90

April 18: Vocab review and practice. pages 227-231. Verb game page 234. A little about Goya page 231.

April 19: Diminutives page 235. La quinceanera page 238-239. Read and discuss. 

Assign: Text page 225 Actividad 3

April 20: Loteria and vocab review. Workbook pages 91-92  in class. 

April 23: Vocab 5A quiz. Review for test

Assign: Workbook page 93 

April 24: Chapter 5A Test

Assign: Vocab 5B page 268