Spanish 1 January 22-March 2

Conjuguemos will continue this week. It is an on-line practice site and 10 minutes of practice per week are required. Lack of doing conjuguemos results in a zero and a work check.

Jan 22: Intro chapt 3B/ oral participation/ skits

Jan 23: Vocab practice and reading

Assign: Workbook pages 59-60

Jan 24: More oral practice and vocabulary

Assign: Workbook page 61

Jan 25: Adjective placement and agreement/ the verb ser

Assign: Workbook pages 62-63

Jan 26: Using ser vs. estar/ Worksheet

Jan 29: More reading and vocab practice

Assign: Workbook page 64

Jan 30: Cultural readings, vocab practice/ Loteria

Assign: Workbook pages 65-66

Jan 31: Vocab quiz/ Test review worksheet/ Assign good health poster

Feb 1: More test review/ go over workbook

Assign: Text page 151 Actividad 3

Feb 2:  Romanos 6:23 Quiz/ Work on poster in class.

Assign: Finish poster

Feb 5: TEST 3B

Assign: Vocab list page 194

Feb 6: Write verse 3 times Romanos 5:8 "mas Dios encarece su caridad para nosotros, porque siendo aun pecadores, Cristo murio por nosotros." Intro chapter 4B pages 170-175. Read, discuss, translate.

Assign: Workbook pages 67-68.

Feb 7: Vocab practice pages 170-175. Oral participation.

Feb 8: The verb "ir" and contraction "al". Practice vocab.

Assign: Workbook pages 69 & 71

Feb 9: Spoken stress rules page 183 text. Practice using "ir".

Assign: Workbook page 70.

Feb 12: Question words page 184 text and worksheet.

Assign: Workbook page 72.

Feb 13: Cultural readings-various pages in text. Review question words.

Feb 14-15: More reading and vocab review-various pages.

Assign: Workbook page 73.

Feb 16: Verse quiz Romanos 5:8. New verse Salmos 51:7 "Lavame, y sere mas blanca que la nieve."

Feb 26: Review chapter 4A and practice vocabulary. Loteria.

Assign: Workbook pages 74-75.

Feb 27: Vocab quiz. Review of chapter and go over workbook.

Feb 28: TEST 4A

March 1: Introduce Wordless Book activity and vocabulary.

March 2: Dr. Seuss Day-milk and cookies.