Spanish 2 March 23-May 1

CONJUGUEMOS IS DUE EVERY FRIDAY BEFORE YOUR CLASS Starting week of September 11. Ten minutes a week are required.

March 22: Wordless Book Test

Assign: Vocab list 4B page 234

March 23: Introduce chapter 4B.  Read pages 210-215. Oral practice.

Assign: Workbook pages 82-83

March 24-April 2:Easter Break

April 3: Review vocab from Unit 4B pages 216-218 oral exercises. Do workbook pages 84-85 in class.

Assign: Text page 215 Actividad 3

April 4: Honor Society Trip, most students gone

April 5: The imperfect tense page 219 and worksheet. Oral practice.

Assign: Workbook page 86

April 6: Reciprocal actions page 224 and oral practice.

Assign: Workbook page 87-Do it in the imperfect verb tense.

April 9: Vocab and preterite/imperfect review. Workbook page 88 in class. 

Assign: Workbook page 89

April 10: Loteria and vocab practice. Workbook page 90.

April 11: Vocab quiz 4B. Review for test.

April 12: Speech Meet, most students gone.

April 13: Chapter 4B Test

Assign: Vocab list 5A page 262

April 16: Intro Chapter 5A. Discuss houses, furniture, weather and tener expressions. Pages 236-237.  Give worksheet.

Assign: Workbook page 91

April 17: Exclamations page 237. Intro chapter 5A pages 238-241. Read, translate, discuss.

Assign: Workbook pages 92-93.

April 18: More reading and vocab practice pages 242-247.

April 19: More imperfect verb uses page 248 and oral practice pages 248-249/

Assign: Workbook pages 94-95.

April 20: Preterit irregulars pages 250-252.

April 23: Preterit/ Imperfect uses. Workbook page 97 in class.

April 24: Vocab and verb review.

Assign: Workbook pages 96 & 98.
April 25:Work Day no classes

April 26: Loteria and vocab practice.

Assign: Workbook page 100

April 27: Vocab quiz 5A/ teacher will be gone on field trip. Assignments are to be done in class.

Assign: Workbook pages 99 & 101. Text page 243 Actividad 3. Review worksheet.

April 30: Review for test.

May 1: Test 5A.