Testing Programs

 This test is offered to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors as a way to prepare for the SAT. It is given on a Wednesday in the middle of October in our gymnasium. We normally have 100% participation.


 This test, given by the military, is helpful in directing students to careers which reflect their aptitudes and interests. It is given to juniors in the middle of the year and then a specialist comes to the classroom to help students interpret their scores.

School and College Ability Test (SCAT)
 This test is used by the Academic Talent Search program at CSUS to give gifted students an opportunity to take enrichment classes. Seventh and new eighth grade students are eligible to take the test.

TerraNova Testing 
 This test is given to 7th–9th grades in April. The seventh and ninth graders also take the InView Test to compare their ability with their achievement.


 The juniors and seniors are asked to take at least two sittings of one of these two college entrance exams. The exams are explained to the juniors and their parents at College Bound Night. The VCS historical scores are listed here. SAT/ACT Scores

Advanced Placement Tests
 At the end of the year in May, the students who have taken the Advanced Placement course are allowed to take the test. At present time we offer the following Advanced Placement courses: Calculus AB, English Literature and Composition, Physics B, Biology, Chemistry, AP Government, and Computer Science.