Yearbook August-April

Begin taking pictures.

Aug 21-23 Discuss the elements of yearbook and do assorted worksheets. Take pictures

September 5-15: Interview another student (not in yearbook) about Camp, Fun Days and the Ice Cream Social. Interview due September 15 and will be graded. You will be practicing writing copy. Copy will be graded.

August 24-25: Practice using camera. 

Aug 21-September 1: Take pictures (at lunch or after school and at Camp. Pictures due September

October 16

We will begin the InDesign tutorial September 6.

Sept 11: Begin layouts for Ice Cream Social, Fun Days, and Camp. These will be due Sept 27 Wednesday.

 October 16: TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ASSIGNED CLASSES! You need to start getting candids in your folders. Volleyball and Cross Country will be wrapping up. Be sure you have pictures, quotes, interviews. The layouts will be due 3 weeks after the end of the season. Hopefully we will have mugs soon. Set up your pages with names and be sure the master is arranged the way  you want it.

Nov-Dec: TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ASSIGNED CLASSES! You need to start getting candids in your folders. The mugs are in! Your class layouts will be due December 18 or you will have to come for your final exam period. 

January-You need to start getting candids in your folders. Check your lists in the index to see who is NOT pictured. EVERYONE AT THIS SCHOOL needs to have at least 2 pictures in the yearbook (their mug and one more). You are responsible for 2 classes. Make this happen.  Also- Homecoming and Viking Week are this month. Be ready to take MANY pictures of activities, games, and the banquet. The Homecoming layouts will be due February 14, which is right before your week long break. 

February- You're getting busier. Finish Homecoming. Senior portraits are in. Work on those pages. Continue working on sports-basketball. Due date for those layouts will be 3 weeks after the end of the season. Are you looking at the index to see who is not getting pictures in the yearbook? It is your responsibility to find those "unphotographed" people and get their pictures in the yearbook somehow. Collage pages work great for this. Maybe even mini mag pages. 

March-April: Finish winter sports. TAKE PICTURES! Need ACADEMIC PICTURES FOR YOUR LAYOUTS! We have a few unphotographed people. Look at the index. Find ways to photograph these students. Approaching the busiest time of year. Get your academic layouts started. Junior-Senior will be happening. Need Honor Society pictures!